Disney Released An Intern-Created Short Film For The First Time Ever And It’s Spectacular

  • The film, Ventana, is a collaborative effort between all of the summer interns
  • The short took just two months from start to finish

Ventana Disney Short Film

For the first time in history, Disney Animation Studios has made an intern-produced short film to the public.

The film, Ventana, is a collaborative effort between all of the summer interns from 2017 working on individual parts of the short film. With help from Disney Animation Studio mentors, Ventana took just over two months to complete.

The result is one fantastic little short film.

When you take into consideration that Ventana was created by kids still in college, it boggles the mind, especially when you think about what you were doing in college.

Oh My Disney spoke with an intern who worked on the film and the head of story development at Disney Animation.

The intern explained how Ventana came to be:

“Brian (head of story) gave me a basic outline saying, here’s a little girl, here’s the environment, here’s a 2D dragon that appears only on the surfaces of the map. So he gave me the rules of the world, and the age that this girl was, but it was like a sandbox. He explained it as wanting to give us a good sandbox to build a world.”

Disney Animation Studios must think highly of the short film since it’s the first time an intern-made film has been released to the public. Will Ventana get a larger release to the public? I guess we’ll all just have to wait and find out.

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