Oldest Doll Hospital

Take A Look Inside The World’s Oldest Doll Hospital

We’ve covered some amazing doll houses, and some of the creepiest dolls ever created, but this is definitely one of the most interesting stories about people’s fascination with the child’s toy. Great Big Story traveled to the Hospital de Bonecas in Lisbon, Portugal and meet with Manuela Cutileiro. Cutileiro is a “doll doctor” at the …

Maxwell Tilse Art

Traveling Illustrator Turns London Landmarks Into Tiny Detailed Drawings

Most people keep a journal or pocket notebook to chronical their journies around the world. This artist draws amazing pictures. Amazing but incredibly tiny. Traveling illustrator Maxwell Tilse has been documenting his journey around Europe by creating tiny drawings of each city he visits. After two years of living in London, Tilse released a series …

Museum Of Death

Museum Of Death — Odd Facts About The World’s Largest Collection Of Serial Killer Memorabilia

Museum of Death pays tribute to life by celebrating death Countless museums all over the world dedicated to art, science, history and even sex, the good things in life. One particular institution is committed to the eventual end, and the place is one of the most frightening museums on Earth. Originally founded in San Diego …

Under Underwater Restaurant

Add This Underwater Restaurant To Your ‘Places To Go Before You Die’ List

Earlier this year, I had the chance to once again visit the Coral Reef restaurant in Disney’s Epcot Center. It was exactly how I remembered it as a kid, right down to the odd carpeting and 1970s-inspired decor. It was just a restaurant with a giant fish tank for a while. Sure, it’s fun for …

8 Steepest Streets In The World

Our streets are in no particular order, because grades vary slightly from source to source. They have almost all been, at one point or another, called "the steepest street in the world."