15 Sexist Vintage Ads

Oh, vintage sexism. We've come a long way since advertising was so offensively sexist. Have we? Meet fifteen sexist vintage ads.

Another 12 Wacky Classified Ads

Since we published our article on Classified Ads more than a year ago, our readers have been sending us some more pictures, so we came up with another 12 strange, funny and bizarre ads from around the world. …family room with fireplace, huge… what?!

8 of the Best Valentine’s Day Ads

NW – Enjoy a longer lasting Valentine’s Day Dom Francisco Restaurant – Valentine’s day Durex – NOVEMBER 14TH: Have no surprises for Children’s Day Nakshatra – She would love expensive lingerie SexyAvenue.com – happy Valentine’s Day Heineken – Happy Valentine’s Day Avon – Happy Valentine Day Straps – Valentine’s day

10 Clever Elevator Ads

Superman, The Movie Great Lakes Science Center Bodyworlds 2 Becel: Take action. Love your heart. Gold’s Gym Coca Cola Zero Kill Bill Shams Taekwondo School Rajab Al Kathiri & Associates: Divorce Advocate Fiat Punto parking sensor Claro cellphones