10 Amazing Optical Illusions From Makeup Artist Mimi Choi

We've never seen an artist quite like Mimi Choi. The 31-year-old Vancouver-based makeup genius creates optical illusions so startlingly realistic that they render us speechless in a mix of terror and awe. What you see hasn't been Photoshopped or otherwise digitally altered. Mimi uses basic makeup to create the stuff of nightmares (a hole in...

9 Mind-Blowing Makeup Artists

From the male actor who transforms his face into a host of female celebrities to the grandpa who transforms himself into a young lady, check out nine mind-blowing makeup artists whose work is more shocking than plastic surgery.
Self-Taught Makeup Artist

Self-Taught Make-Up Artist Transforms Herself Into The Most Amazing Cosplays Ever

There’s something to be said for people that dedicate their time and life to perfecting a craft. It’s especially impressive if the person is completely self-taught. Justyna Sosnowska – also known as Sosenka – earned a Landscape Architecture degree. Her real interest and passion, however, is special effects makeup. She couldn’t afford to go back …

optical illusion road

Town Paints Mind-Bending Optical Illusion In Road To Stop Speeding Cars

Earlier this month, we highlighted a UK company that installed over 400 tiles to create a “bent” look in the office. The goal was to keep people from running up and down the hallway. A town in Iceland went the optical illusion route to stop cars from speeding down a business city street. The result …