8 Coolest Coffee Mugs and Cups

…little time with this clever Gun Mug ($14.99)that replaces the boring office cubicle mug by a gold plated trigger custom made mug. 4My Cuppa Coffee My Cuppa Coffee ($18.95)helps you mix your drink to the perfect consistency, based on the color-coded guide inside. Options include everything from a straightforward “milky”…

Tik Tok Coffee Trend Means Orders Are in Demand

…encouraging extremely creative coffee orders. Using the hashtag #Starbucks, content creators everywhere are sharing hundreds of customized drinks from the unofficial “secret menu” so their followers and fellow coffee drinkers can buy them, too. The thing is, coffee lovers are juicing up their java in all new and different ways….

10 Things That Can Wake You Up Better Than Coffee

When you think of ways to wake up, most people seek out the next Starbucks to get a cup of coffee and get the day started. However, there are other things that can wake you up just as well, if not better. Also, some of them are far healthier for you than coffee. In this...

10 Crazy Coffee Stories

Ever since a ninth century Ethiopian goat herder discovered that his goats became more energized by coffee (according to legend), the hot drink has become the world's most popular beverage, with over 500 billion cups consumed each year.