An “Extra” Cat For An “Extra” Owner

This cat is extra and his owner is extra, too. And by extra, I mean the most recent slang, outrageous. First of all, Bruno (the cat) weighs 25 pounds. He stands on his back legs like a human. And he is the most extra cat that you will meet. Want…

Cat Ninja Poses

Photographer Captures Countless Cats In Ninja Poses

via @photo.accent Earlier this month, we introduced the audience to a two-faced cat that looks like a Batman villain. Today, we found a collection of cats that might be just as tough of an opponent for the Caped Crusader. They are Cat ninjas. Japanese photographer Hisakata Hiroyuki has spent almost…

8 Crazy Cat Attacks

From the feral cat terrorizing an entire town to the ferocious feline who saved a child from a dangerous dog, check out eight instances in which these normally docile pets lashed out.

10 Freakiest Cat Videos

As we all know, the Internet was created so that people could share videos of their cats. Here are some of the most bizarre, strange, and sometimes downright disturbing collection of videos starring our furry feline friends. (This starts with the weird and descends to the evil so be forewarned.)

10 Strange Places Dedicated to Cat Obsession

Whether cute and cuddly or fickle and feisty, the common house cat is worshipped the world over. We've all heard of cat hoarders and chuckle amusingly at the elusive "cat lady," but cat obsession worldwide knows no bounds. Whether honored by collections and museums or put on display in cat shows or circuses, we are...