Microchip Brings Utah Cat Home To Her Owner After 10 Years

…surprised to find that the cat had a registered microchip. They called the chip company, and were given the contact information for the cat’s owners. When the shelter contacted the owners, a very confused couple answered the phone. They explained that they had once had a cat, but that cat

City Official Too Comfortable in Zoom Meeting, Throws Cat

…Unsplash Cat was Just Acting Like a Cat Cat people accept these behaviors as a condition of cat-ownership. Some suffering from Stockholm Syndrome may even describe these terrorist acts as ‘cute’. In Vallejo, California, one former-city official, Chris Platzer, didn’t understand this new dynamic. During a city planning meeting done…

An “Extra” Cat For An “Extra” Owner

This cat is extra and his owner is extra, too. And by extra, I mean the most recent slang, outrageous. First of all, Bruno (the cat) weighs 25 pounds. He stands on his back legs like a human. And he is the most extra cat that you will meet. Want…

5 of the Rarest Cat Breeds

If your big takeaway from Tiger King was that owning big cats looks pretty cool, keep reading. Some cats on this list of rare cat breeds cost as much as a baby tiger. But owning one of these breeds is less risky than one of nature’s perfect 600 pound predators….

Cat Ninja Poses

Photographer Captures Countless Cats In Ninja Poses

via @photo.accent Earlier this month, we introduced the audience to a two-faced cat that looks like a Batman villain. Today, we found a collection of cats that might be just as tough of an opponent for the Caped Crusader. They are Cat ninjas. Japanese photographer Hisakata Hiroyuki has spent almost…