miniature video store model

Artist Creates Miniature Video Rental Store And It’s Making Us Miss The 1990s

Going to the video rental store was a magical experience. Every movie (almost) was available to rent and take home. Now, literally, EVERY movie is available right on a phone. We miss the 1990s. British FX artist Andrew Glazebrook misses the 1990s too. Specifically the local video rental shop. Glazebrook created this incredibly convincing 1/25 scale …

disturbing body parts

11 Disturbing Body Parts After Plastic Surgery

From crazy ‘doctors' to even crazier patients; meet some of the creepiest results from people going under the knife. The road to perfection can take some nasty detours. Plastic surgery has become the choice method for people to fix their supposed shortcomings and turn them into the specimens they wish they could be.
Warren King Cardboard Sculptures

Artist Creates Lifelike Sculptures Of Family Friends Out Of Cardboard

Christmas was a few weeks ago and I’m still tossing cardboard boxes into recycling. Perhaps I should reconsider putting it out on the curb and turn it all into lifelike sculptures of my neighbors. Ok, I’m not that talented. Warren King, however, is very talented and his cardboard people creatures are fascinating and amazing. Here’s …

Bart Simpson Five Fingers

Japanese Cartoon Characters Always Have Five Fingers And Here’s The Odd Reason Why

Every country has its odd laws and rules. Japan is no different. This rule involves cartoon and video game characters and the correct number of fingers on hands. Many video game characters have four fingers but the practice is frowned upon in Japan. This results in special variants of popular four-fingered icons like Bart Simpson …

Rug Artist

Japanese Artist Creates Masterpieces On Rug Using Only A Vacuum

Out of all the household chores, vacuuming is the least painful and most gratifying, usually because vacuuming happens at the end of a cleaning job. A Japanese artist, however, is making vacuuming not only enjoyable but worthy of praise. She’s creating artwork in the fibers in of her carpet using just a vacuum cleaner. Going …