About Grace Murano
Originally from Brazil, Grace Murano (@gracemurano), 30, was the first writer to join Oddee's crew. She's now our Editor-in-Chief.

Grace has a degree in Communication Science, and she has always had a dark interest in reading weird news. When Oddee's owner offered her a job, she couldn't believe someone was actually willing to pay her for doing exactly that: researching the creepiest, strangest, and most bizarre things in our world on a daily basis!

She loves soccer, reading novels and watching the cheesiest TV shows, all while accompanied by her loyal and lovely Yorkie, Lola.

In addition to her passion for dark news, she is also responsible for exhausting Oddee's readers with all those pink-girly wedding themed articles, from cutest invitations to extreme wedding proposals. However, it worked when her boyfriend finally got the hint and they got married in July 2011.
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